“ Strangers Aren’t Scary”

In Defense of Strangers


Any seasoned traveler knows that when you travel you are reliant on the kindness of strangers. Strangers are the ones who hold the doors for us, who help us lug our heavy baggage up flights of subway stairs, who point us in the right direction, or give us the best meal of our lives.

Then, why is there still a pervasive stereotype that strangers are threatening? That we travelers, especially women, need to be wary and keep our wits about us while abroad. We still believe that stranger is synonymous with danger.

Nevertheless, travelers will tell you the opposite.

My travels have been based on the random acts of kindness from strangers who didn’t speak my language and didn’t have any incentive other than to help. I know you have had these unexpected surprises too.

I want a thousand stories of time strangers have helped us.

I find that the information we are given to understand the outside world is often bleak and in my personal opinion skewed. I think we need a place to counteract the tsunami of negativity we are given on our phones, television screens, and radio updates. I want this place to be a ray of sunlight that pieces the dark news cycle.

Kindness is such a relief. It shows that we aren’t alone, that we are seen, and that the world can have good intentions.

Will you help me?

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I know you have stories and all you have to do is share. Share to make someone else’s day, to pay it forward, or simply to make the world better,