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As Told By Nomads with Tayo Rockson  Episode 242

Singling Podcast.  Take a listen to me shameless talk about my sexual passport, making deep friendships, and falling in love with a country.

Find Your Shine A Wellness Podcast. Take a listen to Nina, Liz, and I talk about self-care, budget travel and the importance of solo-female travel.

Travel Tales with Mike Siegel A Travel Podcast. Take a listen to my hilarious conversation with comedian and TV host Mike Siegel where we talk about travel podcasts, the importance of talking to strangers, and my love of Mexico City.

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Love, Lust, or Bust Strangers Abroad Travel Interview


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Contributing Writer 

Unearthed Women  Feminist City Guide to Mexico City

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Dame Traveler Introverts Abroad 

Dame Traveler Where's Your Boyfriend? How to Handle Micro-aggressions Toward Female Travelers.  

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Getting Stamped Travel Blog Prague Nightlife 

Getting Stamped Travel Blog Everything You Need to Eat in Prague

Getting Stamped Travel Blog Prague's Hidden Gems

Go the Travel Podcast Episode: Guest Host

A World to Travel: Guest Post    Top Reasons to Explore Arequipa, Peru

Travelexx: Guest Post  What Does It Feel Like to Be a Solo-Female Traveler?

Chasa Travels: Guest Post Travel Horror Stories

Balkan Digital Nomads: Guest Post 5 Reasons to Try Solo Backpacking Around the World

Solitary Wanderer: Guest Post Solo- Travel Tips in Mexico City

The Fake Magazine: Guest Writer Blue Hearted Glutton

LyfandSpice: Guest Writer   It's Up to the Solo-Female Travelers

God+Wanderlust: Guest Writer 5 Things You Didn't Know about Being a Solo-Female Traveler

MSC Gerber Photography: Guest Writer Best Parks in Mexico City

Love Lust or Bust: Featured Interview

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NYC Salon: In Defense of Strangers 

Women of the Wild: Hack Your Creativity to Tap into Your Femininity


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